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They’re a bunch of bullies. What they don’t understand is that men Michael Brown was not a “gentle giant.” On the day he died, he had just robbed a store and put someone in a head lock. He also was abrasive to the cop. Yeah, some of these guys were unarmed, but you can be dangerous and unarmed. Why don’t BLM do something about the state of their people if they are so unhappy? Why don’t they do something about the black on black crime, which happens far more than white cops who supposedly are so bored with their free time that they need to pick black men at random to kill? They want to blame white people for their problems. Since we have a black president and many other notable and admirable black people in high positions with a lot of money, one can’t complain that one is being held down. It is possible to make something of yourself, but you have to work.

Frontiers pass, but they endure in their people. Frontiers are borders, and in our development we meet them again and again. Our first loves as teenagers were emotional and spiritual frontiers. Leaving home after childhood was another. Becoming a father, perhaps another. Some frontiers are very generous and exciting, while others are frightening, dangerous. Certainly this program has been a frontier for us. To stay alive spiritually we need to continually go to the borders of our experience – or go back and face an old one from a new angle. We may encounter a new border in learning God’s will for us in a new way, or in learning a new handicraft or sport, or meeting a life experience we didn’t expect. We accumulate these memories within us. Some frontiers from long ago exist within us as if they were just yesterday. What frontiers stand out in our lives as we look back? What spiritual learning came from them? This is how we grow as men.

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Most of the trees in a give area show the same variability in the width of the growth rings because of the conditions they all endured. Thus there is co-relation between the rings of one tree to that of another. Further, one can correlate with one another growth rings of different trees of same region, and by counting backwards co-relating the inner rings of younger trees with the outer rings of older trees we can reconstruct a sequence of dates. Scientists have prepared a sort of calendar for the last three thousand yeas. By comparing a sample with these calendars or charts we can estimate the age of that sample. Thus it is possible to know the age of the wood used for making furniture or in the construction work. The main disadvantage with the system is that, we require a sample showing at least 20 growth rings to make an objective estimation of its age.

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12 DR: First relationship was abusive, but I didn’t know due to abusive family history. Ended up back with him after four years apart, this time I had a 1 year old. He yells at me and in front of my son, who is now afraid of him. I have no support because no family is nearby and they are all involved in their own lives and I have no friends. Do I stay and give him a chance to grow or do I leave?

But some people know straight up that they couldn’t date someone long term but proceed to go official is boyfriend and girlfriend. I think people should see it as friendship – if you can see you’re not going to grow as friends then you don’t carry on hanging out. Share your favorite tips, ask for advice, and encourage others about anything dating. Ask for advice, share your favorite tips, and encourage others about anything dating. This subreddit is gender neutral. This is a positive community. Any bashing, hateful attacks, or sexist remarks will be removed. You may also be permanently banned. You can state your opinion in a constructive manner. If asking a question on a specific situation, please include the age and gender of both parties. No pickup or PUA lingo please. This is a personal preference. Useful articles and videos are allowed. Memes and fluff content may be subject to removal. Spam will result in an immediate ban.